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Warmth of Sun, Warmth of Spirit

August is a time that blazes heat onto us here in RVA that peaks temperatures and sometimes tempers. Did you know that hot temperatures are correlated to increases in violent behavior, aggression, as well as depression/low mood? (many psychologists, like Dr. Grohol over at PsychCentral will back me on this point.) This serves as a good reminder that we all have a "shadow" side as well as the qualities we usually more easily embrace, such as PEACE, KINDNESS and GENEROSITY of spirit.

We often forget to focus on our own positive qualities in the midst of a negative circumstance (whether a job environment or just a sweltering hot day!) We all have negative and positive qualities, which combine for us to express our whole, unique self. When we extend compassion both within and around ourselves, especially any time we've shown our shadow side, we not only strengthen the "self" we wish to be, but we also generate positive energy into our environment. Science also supports that generosity offers health benefits, such as longer life span, better energy and even pain reduction!

To that end, we have a special announcement! A new "Give Back" program - Donations for Healing has been in the planning stages for a few months, and we're now ready to get started! When we started Sacred Fire just a few short months ago, we always had in mind a plan to give back to a local nonprofit cause that holds a lot of meaning to us. If you are familiar with the work of SAFE HARBOR, a compassionate nonprofit rolling up their sleeves in some of the hardest circumstances one can imagine, you know they serve women, men and children to overcome circumstances related to abuse and/or human trafficking. 

Now when you refer a new client, 20% of that booking goes toward sessions for clients at Safe Harbor. When your third friend/family member books a first appointment with us, you'll also get 20% off a one-hour service of your choice. Read more about this initiative here. Plus, as a thank you, you, your friends and family can get $15 off for the remainder of the month by taking our survey when they subscribe to our list!

"Believe....there is something for you to do in the world."

May the rest of your August be warmed with kindness.  ~ JJ Skyler

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