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Being Sacred in Chaos

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Welcome to the Sacred Self Care Minute. Or so I thought that is what I would be writing today. Turns out this message has been percolating in my consciousness for awhile, and is more like a five minute read vs. one minute. For those anticipating a cheery Happy Holidays and a BOGO sale, this isn't that. (Though, Happy Holidays, and if you're looking for gifts, jump to the bottom of this post!)

The first message that I'm compelled to share is a reminder: You. Are. Sacred. No matter what is going on in your life, what demands are wearing you flat out, who hasn't been their best self around you lately, or conversely, how blessed you are matter WHAT kind of moment(s) you're having...You. Are. Sacred. I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but if it's you, you know.

It's been on my heart lately that the increase of suicide rates across the board (adults and children) has shown up a lot this year in our news. It's affected our favorite celebrities, our closest friends and perhaps our own outlook at times. We've felt loss and probably a mix of confusion and empathy. The residual effects of pandemic isolation are somewhat known (rise in depression and anxiety) and somewhat amorphous (what are the longer term effects currently at play?) The unknowns can cause us even more anxiety. Many of us are feeling a soul mandate to rest, and yet, we usually feel that we can't.

If you are a "do-er" or a caregiver extraordinaire...taking care of lots of things and even more importantly, people, around may be feeling extra amounts of what I've come to call chaos energy. Despite its discomfort, this energy is rooted in divine source energy, designed to shake our foundations and insides. It's part of our collective growth spurt, if you will. If you are here on this planet at this time in our history, I assure you, you are braver and stronger than you know. Your body, mind and spirit are a part of the millions of embodiments of transformation of our entire global society.

The fact that you are here...wading through the confusion, chaos, and change that we cannot even fully see or predict, means your individual self-care, deeper dives into your beingness, your wounds, and your ultimate growth and expansion are imperative and impactful!

We are shedding so many old patterns that no longer serve us. Check out what one of my favorite online mentors, Kyle Cease says about our transformation. The power within you (and many, many others) is miraculous! I personally know it is also heavy, heart-wrenching and at times hard work to just breathe...but I believe you've got this. We've got this. This was affirmed in a recent divine download I received and if you're curious, you can read that here.

In the spirit of conscious co-creation amidst chaos, I ask you to join me by doing three-and-a-half things before the close of 2022:

  1. Reset Your Energy. Rejuvenate your spirit in whatever manner you can make space for. DAILY. Even if it's five minutes of calming breathing, or it's a Tummo session to invigorate your mind...listen to what YOU need and do that. As we head into the remaining holiday season, respond to what your mind/body/spirit needs so that you experience true peace and joy of the season with an open heart, regardless of what is happening around you. (Remember, the "everyone" you're always taking care of includes YOU!) If breathwork is interesting to you, you can always check our schedule to sign up for the next one.

  2. Initiate conscious connection with another human doing their own "being" thing. As tired as we are in some moments from all of this chaos energy, it is more important now than ever that we connect with those we care for. Reach out to someone to say hello...face to face (or at very least, video face!) for more than a passing check in. If you are feeling on top of the world, great! Even more reason to tune into divine source and your higher self and ask...who could I check in on today and have a meaningful conversation? Offer the gift of your full presence to them and listen in gratitude and love for their unique being.

  3. Be selectively vulnerable. If you're feeling rattled by all of the chaos energy, that is ok. Let a trusted someone know how you're feeling. If you were raised in a way similar to me, this last one can be especially tricky because we were conditioned to be uber self-reliant as a badge of honor and pride, even a mark of true adulthood. Try to move through any reluctance, because vulnerability is a strength in these moments. Be selective, but don't overthink it. Trust yourself to tune into the "who" of the various people you know and call a trusted friend. They will likely be very happy you reached out! If you feel more support is needed, because you're feeling mental health related distress or close to suicidal crisis, text or call 988. Somewhere in between? Choose a self care modality that allows you to connect more deeply with your thoughts and emotions (not just resting or escaping into a book or show). An energy session or breathwork may help if you want to get more to the root of your thoughts/feelings through an assist from divine source. Talk therapy may offer space for vulnerability and space to process.

And this is #3 and-a-half...because it's related to selective vulnerability. We often forget that what we allow to seep into our much news we watch, or even have on in the background, volatile or negative people, or even music with negative messaging, has a cumulative and toxic effect. We often mindlessly accept these factors into our environment, and we become more vulnerable to the negative energy that comes with them. It has been years since I've regularly watched the news, and recently discovered a fantastic way to be a bit more in the know (and a bit less under my rock, lol!) without feeling bombarded or overwhelmed, and that is by subscribing to an outlet called 1440. They deliver well-organized, concise emails that contain only headline blurbs from World News to Politics and Sports, with text links, (so the opposite of overwhelming!) and, they include some light-hearted random stuff in an "Etc." section (one of today's was: The world's oldest jeans look oddly fashionable.) So consider tuning out the mainstream media and check it out by subscribing here.

Human beings are designed for connection and community (yes, even we introverts/ambiverts!) so as a part of my soul fam, I hope you'll actively look for new ways to create it. I hope you'll also look forward to the future year with faith, hope and intention to co-create what you wish to see. As a thank you, I've created a few gift packages with discounts on services as we begin the new year. You may use any of these in the first six months of 2023. Simply click on the Gift tab in the menu above, whether for yourself or to give a gift for a friend.

When you do, you'll also receive a free ticket to a special New Year's guided meditation event happening on January 8th in person at the studio to help us amplify the transformations we are creating, as a collective. Please feel welcome to be a part of this very special event.

Have you felt the chaos energy this year?

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