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Sacred Fire Energy Healing

Ancient Healing for Modern Concerns

Energy work such as Reiki differs in approach from massage as it concentrates on facilitating healing energy to the client/patient. There may be a gentle laying on of hands or hands hovering along the auric field. The client is not massaged unless it is a blended session. This work begins with the premise that there is a universal life energy "rei" that flows through all living things. Each individual has their own energy, or "ki", which ideally is strong, free flowing and balanced. I believe that each person can connect with their own healing energy, and my role is to serve as a conduit, or channel, to guide you through your healing. Often clients experience deep relaxation, physical sensations, imagery/visions, and emotional releases may come through during a session. No matter what your unique experience, I will remain present in sacred space in support of your healing.

Reiki can support your self care regimen in a variety of ways, and is demonstrated to help with anxiety and other health issues. Learn more here. 

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