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Sacred Fire

As we navigate and create our “new normal” (whatever that is), we know now is a time of great transformation, even if we don’t yet fully know what it looks like. It is likely that you, like many, have invested a great deal of time, money, and effort into your outer work (i.e., your career, finances, material items for safety and security.) You now feel an unrelenting nudge or pull to invest more in your inner work. You know there is more to life, to this human experience. Sacred Fire Journeywork is about creating a convergence of inner and outer work, honoring the sacred self and creating your life as if it were sacred, because it is.

When you do journeywork, you sign up to explore a variety of mindfulness practices, so your plan may incorporate energy healing, guided meditation, moving meditation, Sacred Fire Somatic Breathwork, a sacred self coaching program like 10X: Sacred You, or even one of our mini-retreats. As you experience any of these modalities, we come with wisdom and training grounded in psychology, behavior change, bodywork, energy healing, organizational behavior and mystical teachings blended together to serve your highest and best good. Our goal is to meet you where you are, and allow you to experience yourself from a space of curiosity and wholeness within your authentic self, perfectly imperfect as it may be. You simply show up with a willingness to dive deeper into your own sacred self-evolution. Your overall experience will be one you choose for you.

We are honored to hold sacred space for your healing and to serve as a guide, conduit, and collaborator for the healing you wish to receive.

We are honored to begin this journeywork with you.

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