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Announcing a New Outdoor Mini Retreat: Homespun Joy

(and why the heck I'm doing this)

I'm choosing to be a part of the effort to redesign and support a sense of community as well as deeper authenticity during this time of transition, where no one feels comfortable saying we are now "post pandemic", "back to normal" feels false, and we know we can do better to authentically BE.

It's frankly been on my heart more and more to proactively create nurturing, informative, co-created experiences to uplift and empower more clients. As friends and colleagues share stories of depression, anxiety, even suicidal ideations in their close circles, including children, now is the time to come together and radiate all that we truly are. Gone are the days of hiding our mental health states, living in survival/scarcity mindsets or playing small. Pretty much everyone has gone through something during the pandemic, and in some way it has afforded deeper awareness of self and what we no longer wish to see in the world. As we collectively move forward, I now offer more sacred spaces and facilitate experiences to connect more deeply with one's self and together with others doing their own journeywork during this mass reset.

Please let me know if you'd like to attend an upcoming retreat by either signing up here or make sure you subscribe to be informed of future events.

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