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Sacred Fire Classes

If you've been a client of mine, you already know that I consider you a sacred being, meant to be here on your human journey, to express something unique and wonderful in the world that only you can, just by being you. As part of the human experience, we also have the unique and special ability to create (and co-create community, through which we all learn and grow. So welcome to the page where I'll be sharing sacred space - designed for small groups of people like you. Check back often, and let me know if there is something that isn't here that you'd like to see. Welcome....


Moving Meditations - Weekly

This 30-minute class is unlikely to be like any other meditation class you've taken before. (even if it was last week, with me!) This has been a long time coming, and now that I've tested it out a bit, I'm ready to share. It may incorporate a seated meditation in flow state, walking, qigong, gentle yoga or chanting. No two classes will be exactly alike because the movements are divinely given to me real time with each group. This has been a core part of my mystical personal practice for several years, and it is now my honor to share it. A Zoom version as well as a supporting "mini" session will also be available soon.


Sacred Self Coaching Circle-Focused (3 months, bi-weekly)

If you feel the power of and desire for deeper sense of community as you travel along your path from time to time, this short term  "sprint" approach is for you. Need to ignite a project, intitiate a transition, let go of some fear and move into grace and action? Sign up to be a part of a sacred self coaching circle (notice we said circle, because you are expected not only to show up for yourself as you are, but also to be willing to share constructive feedback and hold sacred space with the group for each member to emerge stronger and more clear. 


Sacred Fire Somatic Breathwork

This healing session is offered to those with breathwork experience who wish to deepen their experience by receiving support from me during your active Sacred Fire Somatic Breathwork class. I've chosen to collaborate with a superb breathwork facilitator, Frank Cordovano, more about this unique class coming up on July 16th in Byrd Park. Limited to 10 participants.


Introduction to Magdalene Sacred Fire Reiki (Level 1) COMING  Summer 2023

As we are all unique and sacred beings, I feel it is part of my purpose to share fundamentals of better understanding one's energetic body and tuning into it as a part of how we understand our physical experiences. One day training. Limited to six students per offering.


Your Sacred Joy Mini Retreats

Join JJ on an exclusive 3-day mini-retreat for a deeper dive into your sacred self. Gain insights through mindfulness activities designed just for your cohort. Learn more about this unique experience that will nourish you mind, body and spirit. 

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